Ok, segun la ley, somos illegales. Pero esta tierra fue de nosotros primero, nosotros la travajamos, nosotros la corremos. Entonses por que nos kieren sacar de este pais? Al final ellos pierden mas que nosotros, nadien mas va a querer travajar en los files, nadie va a querer quedarse en casa cuidando a sus hijos, nadie quedra travajar en Burger King, Mc'Donalds, Pizzerias, ni en esos travajos duros, mucho menos hacer todo el travajo y esfuerso que hacemos por este pais. No solo estamos aqui por nosotros, este pais nos nesesita pero no se dan cuenta de cuanto. Es muy injusto querer separar a las familias, solo por que alguien de ellos no es legal. Casi nadien nos quiere estender la mano para ayudarnos. Es muy injusto lo que hacen, pero ni asi podran sacarnos y seguiremos cruzando esa frontera, con o sin papeles... 

david rolas - ya no llores.mp3

Why is this law so important? Theres many questions i wish i could ask, but no one seems to answer me. If any one out there can answer my questions please do... How come people who have lived here most of their life have to go back to mexico if they want to have their papers? To me this dosent seem fair if they didn't make the choise of crossing. Why do families have to be ripped appart? Its easy for them to say "Yeah, you have to go back to your native country, as a punnishment of you being in this country illigaly"  They realy dont know the situation, what if they dont know anybody, at the end its a 50/50 chance they wont come back. Cant ther be a nother way to be able to make our family have pasports and legal acces to this country with out having to separate? I feel bad for all those hard working people that because of few illigal people that couldn't follow the law and commited murder, robery, and other illigal acts, we all have to pay and be judged the same way. Yeah we may do a few "illigal" acts like: drive with out a licence, work with out a real social, even run a few red lights, but its nothing so bad that we need to be kiked out of the country. Most immigrants come to work hard to suport their family, they sacrifice everything coming here, even their life and family's life to be in the Country of Opportunity, a Free Country, yet they are slaves to work, pain, racisam, judgment, and other crueltys. How would all those people that come up with these law feel if their mother, father, sister, brother, any one that they cared about had to work under a hot sun and still have to tolorate bad treatment form other people. Just because they dont have those famuse papers, other people do... 






Estos famosos papeles... Sin ellos, cuantas cosas no podemos hacer, pagamos una fortuna para que al ultimo nos niegen la petision. O nos regresan directo a mexico diciendo que regresaremos en meses, esos meses se extienden se hacen cada dia mas largos y al final terminan siendo años, pero al ultimo, mucha gente no puede regresar. Les niegan los tramites, a muchos si les pasa la petision pero la espera es eterna, lejos de la familia. Que pasa con las personas que no conosen otra vida mas que esta? Los que llegaron desde niños. Nunca an pisado su tierra natal, que hacen ellos? Que pasa si ellos que practicamente nacieron aki, ya no pueden regresar a la vida que ellos conosen?

Immigration in Da wrld

conoses a alguien que sea ilegal? do you know an illigal person?

 Its funny how putos be talking sh*t bout us mexicans! (and every other latino out there) "wabs" "alians" "beaners" "lazy asses" but call us what ya want cuz sumday were gonna run dis mudafu*^*er again cuz we owned dis place b4 and no matter what we still do! Da majority of da population are Mexicans (Latinos). Were hard workers we wourk four our sh*t. We make that green paper! yeah you might see us fu*^en selling corn, paletas, chicharrones, tamales, naranjas, flowers, candy and more, but u dont fu**en see us asking for money in da exits of the freeway, outside 7-11's, our fu**en picking up change outside da drive thru restaurants when ppl drop the money! Think about it... next time you go to a fast food look whos making your food! next time some one dose your yardlook whos making your house look pretty, next time you want a "taco al pastor" cuz i know you p*nch*s gueros love eating dat! Next time you want a corona look where dat sh*t is made at! 





Do u think their being unfair with this law?

Make Your Voice Heard! 



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